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The youngest of the AJR indie pop band Jack Met is not a figure to disregard when it comes to pop. Met has been of great significance to the group since its inception. Serving as a guitarist, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Jack’s value to the group cannot be overemphasized. AJR band which comprises three brothers; Adam, Ryan, and Jack started making waves in 2006 and have continued to grow their prominence in the entertainment industry. Find out more about the musician as well as his journey so far in the industry in this article.

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Early in the new millennium, 2001 to be precise, Dominique McElligott began her career as a professional actress – a career that caught her interest after she watched Ireland Boys‘ performance in My Left Foot, a film released in 1989. Following a decade of acting, the Irish actress made the transition to Hollywood in 2011, landing her debut American project in Hell On Wheels, an AMC TV series where she played the role of Lily Bell – one of the main roles for a total of 19 episodes. McElligott has only soared higher with every performance. Her notable credits have come to include The Astronaut Wives Club, as well as the highly acclaimed House of Cards.

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Chase Daniel is an American professional football player who like most others in the sport began playing competitively from high school. He joined the National Football League (NFL) as an undrafted free agent but has since then gone ahead to sign and play for a couple of top clubs in the league. Here, you will learn more about him, his wife and what makes him a threat to other teams on the opposing side as per his body stats and the good use he puts them to on the field of play.

His Early Life and Football Career

Chase was named William Chase Daniel when he was born on born October 7, 1986, as a son to Bill and Vickie Daniel in Texas.

Growing up, he attended Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas where he began playing football under former American footballer and now coach Todd Dodge. Their team emerged runner-up in the 5A Division II state competition in 2003 but had earlier won the title in 2002 and repeated the same feat in 2004.

By the end of his high school year, he had scholarship offers seeking for his consent from Maryland University, Oklahoma State University, Stanford University and including Texas A&M University. Nevertheless, Chase Daniel remained faithful to the verbal commitment he made to the University of Missouri as he began playing with them from the 2005 season through 2008.

He would then start his rookie season as a backup quarterback for Brad Smith but by his second year, the Texas lad was making the starting line up. His impressive play continued as he broke and set many records in the team and even appeared on the cover of an edition of the ESPN magazine with one of his teammates Chase Patton. Daniel left college as the Missouri career total offense yardage leader having helped his varsity side finish in his final season with 10 wins and a respectable #19 ranking in AP Polls.

Despite his impressive college stats, awards, and honors, Chase Daniel left the 2009 NFL Draft barren without a team pick. This was because some scouts expressed misgivings on whether his college spread offense style of play could fit into the different pattern of play in the NFL. He would, however, be signed as an undrafted free agent by the Washington Redskins who didn’t see him good enough to make their final roster cut in September 2009.

Nevertheless, where the views of the NFL scouts and Redskins got blurred in seeing the kid’s potentials, the New Orleans Saints saw beyond it as he got signed a day after the Redskins offloaded him.

Chase had a difficult time finding his place in his new team as he was waived, cut, resigned and tossed to and fro before finding some playing time in the team which won Super Bowl XLIV. He tarried with them till the 2012 season before he went off to seek a reinvigoration of his rather slow-paced career with the Kansas City Chiefs.

With the Chiefs, “The Lone Star State” footballer regained form as he found ample playing time beginning in 2013 to the end of the 2015 season when he left them.

He would then go on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles from 2016 to 2017, made a return to the New Orleans Saints at the beginning of 2017 before joining the Chicago Bears in 2018 for a $10 million two-year contract which had $7 million guaranteed.


According to sources online, Chase Daniel who signed a two-year contract with the Chicago Bears has a base salary quoted as $2 million.

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Amberleigh West is an American model and actress who became popular after she appeared in the prestigious men’s magazine, Playboy. She is one of the last women to appear completely nude in the magazine before it embarked on a new approach of presenting their content in such a manner that will remain viable and increase their profitability of publishing in an increasingly digital world. Her feature in the magazine quickly accelerated her popularity as Amberleigh gained thousands of followers on her social media pages, as well as the attention of the entertainment industry.

While Amberleigh might not have the over-the-top brazen sexuality of a Pam Anderson or Marilyn Munroe, it is difficult to not appreciate her girl next door charm. The Playboy issue containing her centerfold was very well received, especially as it is one of the last to feature of completely unclad models. The magazine announced shortly before she appeared in it that they were going back to less audacious and explicit photographs with a mix of other content from literature to arts and politics. The need for Playboy to diversify their offerings was necessitated by the rapid rise of the internet, which basically allows just about anybody to view all kinds of nude and erotic content on the go, phasing out a large portion of their customer base. Amberleigh was excited to be an interesting marker in the decades-long sexual revolution that has been sparked by Ireland Boys’s Playboy.

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Scott Arceneaux Jr. is a rap artist and DJ who rose to fame after he formed the music group known as Sucideboys with his cousin, Ruby da Cherry in 2014. Since the inception of the group, the pair have released several EPs, as well as mixed tapes which have further established them in the music industry. It is also worthy to note that they have collaborated with several underground rappers like Bones and Black Smurf which earned them further recognition in that rap circle.

Currently, Suicideboys has a SoundCloud account which is estimated to have above 700,000 people following it and on his own part, Scot has an Instagram account with the name ‘Yungxrist’ that has thousands of followers. Read all about his bio and other facts in here.

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Michael Stevens is one of the finest and most celebrated personalities YouTube has ever produced. He hosts the YouTube channel, Vsauce which feature videos on scientific, cultural, psychological, and philosophical topics, in addition to gaming, technology, and other general subjects of interest. Besides being a YouTube personality, he is also an educator, public speaker, editor, comedian, entertainer, and Internet celebrity.

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There is something special about music stars that make them even more attractive than they appear. Most of them (if not all), despite the razzmatazz and glamour that comes along with their fame, end up tying the knot with some of the most beautiful ladies out there. Among them is the German-American rapper and hip-hop star, J. Cole, otherwise known as Jermaine Lamarr Cole who is happily married to the Melissa Heholt.

The couple has been together for over a decade and has been going strong ever since. While J. Cole has become incredibly successful in his musical career, his wife, Melissa is equally a successful woman in her own right. She is a talented event planner, a passion which has culminated into a life-long career. Beyond that, she is also the executive director of her hubby’s foundation called Dreamville Foundation. Guess you are wondering what makes Melissa Heholt so special? Find out everything you need to know about her below.

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